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Monday, 21 April 2008

Still going!

Why is it that I'm never near a computer when I remember to update the blog! Anyway after a month a quick update. At the start of this period I made the mistake of going to Narrow Gauge South; I say mistake as I came back with a GEM Baldwin, 2 sets of Worsley Works sides, some Parkside Kits, oh and a Backwoods Double Fairlie and Russell! I think I'll be busy for a while.

The exhibition itself was excellent although with a time limit I was very focussed and rattled around quite quickly. I was particularly impressed by Mols Coed as, being FfR/WHR based, it included a lot of the items I was interested in and Laurie Maunder was very friendly and helpful discussing, among other things, constructing Backwoods Double Fairlies!

Elsewhere on the layout the wiring has been tagged up and prepped into looms with a DIN connector allowing the controls board to be removed. That board is a temporary one at the minute while I decide how to actually do it. I'm going away from the Modratec lever frame as the points/signalwork really wouldn't have much interlocking. A bit more track is in place now and some of the tortoises have been fixed in place.

In 2 weeks time I'm off to north Wales so I'll be getting a load more photos of the actual area and having a first effort at taking photos for a back scene. Has anyone got any experience of the resolution required when printing the backscene? I know 150 dpi is a usual minimum for printing photos. I'm also tagging it in with a trip to the Porthmadog NG Model Railway Exhibition as well as introducing my wife to the area and, most importantly, the narrow gauge railways!