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Sunday, 5 October 2008


Not a huge amount of work done on the railway. Most noticable is the addition of the second baseboard and legs, this now means I can put the scenic section together.

It doesn't seem quite as large as I thought it might but it's not too bad. Apologies for the poor photo but I didn't have the flashgun to hand. You're looking from the Beddgelert end with the polystyrene to the left giving an idea of the start of the high ground. You can also see the framework base of the large cottage that will, along with the chapel, sit alongside the road next to the station.

This is a photo from the opposing end. I've not built up the trackbed here so I've just laid the XtrkCad printouts onto polystyrene to give an idea. You can make out Russell and 3 bogie coaches placed just after crossing the Glaslyn and about to enter the tunnel on the way to Bettws; well, you can if you use your imagination! So the next stage will be a lot of trackwork and awkward woodwork to build up the trackbed.