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Friday, 7 January 2011

Snow Stopped Play

Well, I've now got my computer back up and running so time for some updates. I know that this cold weather has been causing a load of problems with the mail and roads and the like but I hadn't thought that it would cause issues with the railway. Well I was wrong. The wood glue on the new part of the layout has set a bit oddly - rather like plaster. Being a bloke I only read the instructions afterwards and it turns out it needs to be above 5 degrees to cure properly - and it really wasn't.

In fact the cold temperatures caused problems with my airbrushing plans too. Just after I got my new spray-booth set up it got so cold in the garage that I couldn't hold the airbrush for long and the cleaner froze in the pot! That said I did get some airbrushing done and I love the smooth finish. Moel Tryfan has been sprayed in a nice maroon colour and I've now started to line it. This is my first proper effort at lining with a bow pen but I think it's going ok so far. It's putting the black line down the middle of the yellow that will be the struggle. Here she is along with the tools for the task. A very fine paintbrush and some turps are the secret as you can tidy up rough edges after it goes wrong!

These two coaches have been sprayed in etch primer and then given a basecoat of grey. I stuck bits of cardboard to the bottom using little foam self-adhesive tabs designed for photo mounting and the like. It means that I can pick them up and move them around without fear of affecting the finish. They'll pick up a coat of Midland Red of some form in the not-too-distant future and then they'll gain handles, windows and transfers. Does anyone have experience of DIY transfers as I don't know of any commercially available NWNGR coach transfers?

One bit of stock that is a bit more progressed is one of the workmen's carriages. I'm leaving this in the flat grey that the NWNGR used for a while after the First War as an austerity measure. As I had the grey paint out this was done before the world froze over!

I'm hoping that the garage will become a more tempting place soon but the fresh snowfall today suggests that I might be a bit over-optimistic!

Happy New Year to one and all.

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